An UberClean technician arrives on site and checks that all windows and doors are closed properly.


Fogging Starts

The UberClean technician will commence the disinfectant fogging service after they have prepared the building.


Duration of Process

The duration of the fogging will depend on factors like the size of the building and the number of rooms it has.



When the fogging is concluded, we allow 15min for the product to remain undisturbed in the building.


Fresh Air

The UberClean technician will then open windows and doors, for fresh air to fill the building.


Building Disinfected

After a 15min airing period, the building is disinfected and safe for humans of all ages as well as animals.

100% Safe

As such, clients do not necessarily have to vacate the building entirely prior to the fogging process.

You Decide!

If you prefer, you can wait outside while the UberClean technician completes the disinfectant fogging service.

Proper Fogging

Our technician must be able to move around inside the building freely, fogging each and every room.

Your Certificate

After the fogging, our head office will issue your premises with a certificate to indicate that it has been disinfected.