Disinfecting Without Causing Harm

The active ingredient in our products is Anolyte (HOCI), which is so natural that our bodies even produce Anolyte when it fights against harmful germs. This makes our product 100% safe to humans and animals, but deadly to viruses, bacteria, & fungi. Our disinfecting products are alcohol- and chemical-free. They’re also biodegradable.

Cleaning Agents

Use our Power Cleaner in your office or home to eliminate the risk of germs.


Our hand sanitisers are alcohol-free and ultra-effective. Available in concentrate or ready-to-use versions.

Humidifying Solutions

Use our humidifying solutions to maintain a clean atmosphere that is free of viruses and bacteria.

How our fogging service works

Our process is simple and effective so that you get the service you need as soon as possible.


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Not only do we produce and supply quality cleaning products across South Africa, but we also offer a fogging service, where we use our products to disinfect your home, office or any other premises. Find your nearest UberClean agent and book a fogging today!